Wine Down at the End of the Day

Wine Down at the End of the Day

Intimate outdoor seating can help you relax after a long day

Whether you’re working from home or coming home from a day outside, you need to a place to grab a glass and relax. Winnie Clevenger of Winteriors Design in Kettering says, “Outdoor living is truly an extension of your home and can be used for many magical times.”

Clevenger points to a veranda she worked on as an example.

“This veranda is identically appointed on either side of the brick steps and the oversized front door. Always fun to chill at the end of the day and rosé!” she says.

Her choice of furnishings with Chinese Chippendale accents in black and pink creates a classic, inviting style and the plants bring the freshness of the garden. It’s just the spot for solo sipping or sharing with a few friends.