Becca and the Great Bathroom Redo

Becca and the Great Bathroom Redo

Local designer helps couple create a modern, updated bathroom

By Karla Hollencamp

Becca Robbins faced a classic design challenge. After years of focusing on their kids, a Centerville couple wanted to achieve the master bath renovation of their dreams.

Becca Robbins

“My clients are very close to being empty nesters and are planning to stay in their current house for the foreseeable future. So we needed to upgrade this 1990s era bathroom into something they can live with long term,” she says.

The old bathroom had a litany of problems. It had a corner Jacuzzi tub that was never used and took up way too much space. The shower was too small and too dark. There was carpeting throughout the bathroom.

“I started by asking a lot of questions to see how this couple uses their bathroom on a daily basis and things they would change or keep the same. This curiosity and analysis is the most important part of any interior design planning, in my opinion. These answers will be like the puzzle pieces when creating the new bathroom design,” she says.

“We kept the basic footprint for the space planning, but switched the shower head to the other side so we could add a half wall with glass on top to access the natural light from the large window. I focused on easy to clean and care for in the materials—an example is the porcelain tile floor. We added recessed lights in the ceiling and put all the lighting on a dimmer to give the option for less light if desired.”

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