Chill Out in a Hosta Environment

Chill Out in a Hosta Environment

A local family transformed their yard thanks to this perennial

If you want to have it made in the shade, here’s a great example of how to turn an ordinary backyard into a peaceful hideaway.

Steve and Dana Datz in south Dayton have taken their time creating a very Zen feeling outdoor living area, planting more than 200 varieties of hostas in their shade garden. From miniature to mammoth, the plants vary in size, color and markings from bright to dark. Steve has a plant identifier app on his phone that lets him recognize each species by leaf. They started collecting the perennials about 20 years ago and like to find new types of hostas each season.

Every now and then they add a new feature. “Our yard has evolved over time,” Dana says. “Once the kids’ swingset was gone we started working on it.”

There is a gazing ball fountain, a large deck with seating area and dining area, a separate level for the grill, and a custom-built potting shed.

“I modeled the potting shed after the one that was at Groby’s garden center. When they were getting ready to close I went up there and measured the basin and all the other dimensions and built one for us,” Steve says.

“We eat most of our evening meals out here,” he continues, “and often sit late into the evening. The lighting on the deck and throughout the garden make it magical at night.”