7 Questions with Danielle Harris

7 Questions with Danielle Harris

Co-Owner of JLH Customs

By Corinne Minard

Husband-and-wife duo Josh and Danielle Harris started their home renovation and remodeling company JLH Customs in 2010 and have been working with homeowners in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky ever since. The company was recently named Best Home Remodeler in the 2020 Best of NKY, so we sat down with Danielle, the company’s designer, to learn more about the company and get some advice for those considering a remodel of their own. You can learn more about them and their services by visiting facebook.com/Jlhcustoms/ or calling 513-225-1811.

Q: How did JLH Customs come about? 

A: Ten years ago, Josh was working in logistics and I had a project I was working on for a client. I was having a hard time finding a carpenter to build just what I needed. He asked to see the picture and casually said, “I can do that.” Both relieved and worried since I was unaware of this “hidden talent” he possessed, I let him build the piece and it was flawless! Over the next few months I kept coming to him with other projects and he knocked them all out of the park. Finally, I told him you need to start your own business. We can do this together; you build it and I will design it! He thought I was slightly crazy, but he jumped on board and here we are today.

Q: What kind of projects do you work on? 

A: We are a full-service home remodeling company that specializes in both large and small projects. We remodel lots of kitchens, master baths and lower-level builds. We also specialize in custom carpentry work such as trim detail, built-in cabinetry, accent walls and flooring.

Before and after kitchen remodel by JLH Customs. Danielle Harris says that a kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

Q: What kind of styles do you like to work with?

A: We enjoy working with all styles and designs! We really thrive on getting to know our clients personally and love to make their home dreams come true through each individual’s unique styles.

Q: What are some common mistakes you see homeowners make when they start a project?

A: Probably the largest mistake we see is homeowners not doing the homework prior to hiring a contractor. We witness horror stories almost daily and unfortunately it can cost an individual thousands of dollars to have things fixed correctly. These things can be avoided by doing your research, get referrals or references, and ask lots of questions! Nothing is worse than when someone spends their hard-earned money and it turns into a nightmare project.

Q: Are there any trends you’re seeing right now? 

A: We have been seeing a lot of trends going more towards the natural elements. Clients want a fresh look incorporating elements such as brick, wood, concrete and fresh greens to add those organic pops of color. Pattern floors and feature walls with texture are also a huge trend coming into our area.

Q: What spaces add the most value to your home?

A: Kitchens and masters sell houses so you can never go wrong revamping those spaces. Finishing your lower level is always a good idea to add value and extra square footage!

Q: When do you know it’s time to remodel?

A: Every eight to 10 years is when you really need to update. Resale value is very important and in order to keep up with trends and styles it’s best to give the home a facelift every eight to 10.

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