For the Birds

For the Birds

There are several ways to make your home more welcoming to nesting birds

By Karla Hollencamp

Spring is just around the corner and if you are a fan of birds, it’s time to think about where they could nest in your yard. According to Wild Birds Unlimited, which has a location in Kettering, different bird species need specific size houses.

Jeanette McDaniel, the store owner, says,“Check your backyard’s habitat to see if you’re ready to provide them with a great place to raise their young. In addition to reliable food sources, they need shelter and a fresh source for water. It’s OK to leave some natural brush for them. It can provide protection as well as a resource for insects. Many birds nest in trees or shrubs, but some birds—like wrens, chickadees and bluebirds—require a cavity to nest in. You can help by offering the appropriate types of nesting boxes. And don’t forget the bird bath! It not only provides water for drinking but helps them to bathe and keep their feathers clean.”

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