4 Kitchen Trends

4 Kitchen Trends

These design trends amp up the style

By Karla Hollencamp

Kitchen design is always about comfort, but 2020 brought pure style back into the mix. The more time spent at home, the more we crave the vibe of our favorite bars and restaurants. Here are four current kitchen trends to incorporate into your kitchen now to ramp up style.

Open Shelving

Floating or open shelves is a great way to display everyday wares in an organized and beautiful way, just like your favorite local cafe. Use a natural wood finish to warm up a cooler kitchen palette.

Simple Backsplash

Choose quantity of splash over detail. A larger subway tile covering an entire wall or a full-height quartz slab splash are showstoppers and provide a clean backdrop for other design elements.

The Coffee/Tea Station

Coffee at home has never been more needed. Designate a countertop or doored storage area for a small coffee appliance. Finish it off with open shelving above for mugs and baskets for displaying your favorite coffee and tea.

Satin Gold

White painted cabinets are timeless but give them a boldness with Satin Gold hardware. Satin Gold balances perfectly with cool tones and doesn’t clash with stainless appliances. Extend this finish to lighting for an ultra-luxe modern look.

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